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20 Funniest Political Tweets of the Week you need to see

Politics is not a game of snakes and ladders when the leaders joke about their competitors openly on the market. With the help of this article, you will see the most Funniest Politics Tweets of the Week and wish why you haven’t made it to them earlier.

  1. When it comes to messing with Donald Trump, then no one can stop it. Well, this guy really topped the icing on this cake with this amazing tweet. And you do know Donald Trump. He likes to fire people, left and right.,quality=85,fit=scale-down,format=auto,onerror=redirect/https:/

  • This tweet was in the news because this portrayed the current political scene here in the US. Look at this image and try to think for yourself to what is happening. Well, this is what happened when America suited its way to Trump.

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  • This tweet is hilarious, and at the same time it shows what kind of selected ruler America has. This tweet made it to the headlines because it speaks facts, and well, it is hilarious. And the nature of what that person tweeted about it, makes it funnier.,quality=85,fit=scale-down,format=auto,onerror=redirect/https:/

  • Okay, okay. This amazing and funniest tweet will surely make your day. We know how much the president loves himself…erm, I mean how much he loves to have his show. Well, this tweet will make your day and make you think that the president does love his show after all.

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  • Okay, we know that there are a lot of controversies that go around everywhere and tells people how our president is. So do you doubt his intelligence too? Well, if you are not sure, then this quick tweet will give you the assurance.,quality=85,fit=scale-down,format=auto,onerror=redirect/https:/

  • Okay, this tweet has to be the favorite one in your list. We have often heard that in order to make America /Great Again, we have to work towards it, and if you check to see, then this guy is undoubtedly making a point here. Check this out:,quality=85,fit=scale-down,format=auto,onerror=redirect/https:/

  • Okay, we know that handling the seat of the president is hot. And we give it to Trump and his ever dealing and endless sobs of handling America to the best. The right way to interpret this message is not through words but with the help of this tweet.

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  • We don’t know who we are aiming to aim when we make political tweets, but this one is hilarious. The Trump presidency is not really up to the mark with all the recognition and amendment, and this is how the followers are cordoning their offers to Trump.,quality=85,fit=scale-down,format=auto,onerror=redirect/https:/

  • I think we have found a winner with this one. This tweet takes the stand, and we solemnly pledge that this is the funniest one of them all.,quality=85,fit=scale-down,format=auto,onerror=redirect/https:/

  • Haha. The whole of the republican government makes it in the news these days. But don’t think that they prepare for the prep of the media. All they do is show up in memes.

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  • Okay, so now that we are talking. Let’s think about what would be better as a good scenario present in the case. Having a good president is hands down what everyone wants, and this tweet is especially volumes.,quality=85,fit=scale-down,format=auto,onerror=redirect/https:/

  • We know that tweets are supposed to increment something and the only thing that this tweet is incrementing is the style of our president now. So what are we doing? We need to stop our work ASAP and make this tweet tomorrow’s headline.,quality=85,fit=scale-down,format=auto,onerror=redirect/https:/

  • Haha, this tweet is seriously a no goner here.

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  • Another one.

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  • You know that when you get old and one day you have to narrate all the horrible decisions that you made to your grandchildren. Well, this tweet says it all. With all the poor choices that we have made in our lives, this tweet speaks for us.,quality=85,fit=scale-down,format=auto,onerror=redirect/https:/

  • Okay, it is advisory not to have bleach after this.,quality=85,fit=scale-down,format=auto,onerror=redirect/https:/

  • Haha, you would love this for sure.

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  • And when it comes to the stuff for women, we have to prepare for ladies. This one’s for you.,quality=85,fit=scale-down,format=auto,onerror=redirect/https:/

  • Okay, so how did it end up like this?

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  • Can you decide this mathematical formula?,quality=85,fit=scale-down,format=auto,onerror=redirect/https:/

These amazing tweets will make your day!

Give them a read for a good laugh, after all.

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