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The 13 Creepiest Abandoned Places Located in California

When it comes to California, then the nightlife or the bars and the parties is what comes to your mind. But what you miss out here are the creepiest places which are here, located in California. It is said that going to these places is haunting, and you should never visit these places without proper guidance. With the help of this article, you will know The 13 Creepiest Abandoned Places in California and how your tour provider won’t give you these details.

The spookiest places located in California:

  • The battery point lighthouse, which is located in California, is one of the creepiest sites and towers here. This is because this place runs on the coast, and it is said that there are a lot of sourced people who have tried to commit suicide over here. This place is not meant for the weak heart, and if you are visiting here with your friend, then you can get some proper guidance and have a helping hand out. This place is truly haunted and comes to the top of the list here. The natives have said that they have seen a lot of figures standing by the coastline here.

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  • When you visit the USS Hornet, which is located in California, then you can and will hear the stories of the military ghosts. It is said that the ship or the Callister was told to launch there, and it never made an appearance. This is why the place is still haunted, and most of the boats which are traveling to that side have said to disappear in the midst of thin air. If you are traveling here, then make sure that you are going with a pack of your friends or tourists.
  • Another haunted place located in California is the Whaley House. This might seem like your typical and old building, but this place is truly haunted. It is said that the site is inhabited by the ghosts of the past and the original rulers of this house. They want to claim the whole territory now.

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  • Alcatraz is one of the most famous security prisons which is located in California. Coming to the fourth of The 13 Creepiest Abandoned Places in California list, this place is haunted. You might have heard that the jail cells are regularly haunted, but this one truly has a history of bizarre accidents and events from all around.
  • When it addedly comes to one of the most luxurious ship and ocean liners, then Queen Mary once served for the same. The ship or the dock, which was once celebrated for the incoming of guests from other countries, is now being said as one of the top haunted places located in California. This place has a lot of hauntings, and the local guys have seen and noticed in a lot of things about this place as well. It is haunted by what is being said by the natives.

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  • The Hotel Del Coronado, which is located in California is haunted. You might have heard about a lot of funny stories about this hotel from the press and media, but some of the facts here are precisely true. The staff working here have reported it and have said the same.

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  • It is said that there are some of the Victorian ghosts who stay at the garden suites hotel here. These places are haunted by old demons, and this is why these places make most of the tourist attraction sites from all around. A lot of added people come here just for the sayings.
  • The ghost of the red castle inn is one of the central myth and story which revolves around California. It is said that the spirit of a young girl haunts the place and that the area is cursed as it seems.

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  • Hotel Groveland, which is located in the prime of California, is another haunted hotel here. When you are in California, then you will listen to a lot of hotels and their stories of hauntings which happen there. A lot of experts have gone there and tried to prove the fact, and the data and have come up with positive results as well.
  • When you go and stay at the brook dale lodge, which is located by the river banks of South California, then you will hear a lot of; voices. A lot of tourists have said that the myth and the rumors are false, and there is nothing to it, but it is accurate than what it seems. This place has some stories.

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  • When you are roaming at the moss beach, then there are a lot of poltergeists that you will encounter. These are done with the help of your camera. Point your camera to a certain distance, and a lot of people have said that there are flying orbs around the places and poltergeists as well.
  • The dark alleys in California are another thing that is haunted here. These places make the most of it because you are not allowed to travel on your own after midnight.
  • And none but the least, Tyler Street house is one of the most haunted houses located in California. This might be a hoax, but a lot of people have said that it is not.

The 13 Creepiest Abandoned Places in California are the ones that you should check out if you are into supernatural stuff and have a brave heart. And for this Halloween, these places will be the perfect one to give a try.

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